Is all paper biodegradable?

Paper is biodegradable. It is common knowledge that it is made from wood. Plant materials, as we know, are biodegradable. Paper can even be recycled up to 6.7 times before the paper fibers break down into smaller pieces which can also be turned into paper again.

Are paper bags really better than plastic?

When asked which is better between paper or plastic, naturally, we think paper is better.

We all know that plastic is dreadful for the environment. In particular, plastic bags are known for clogging up our oceans, choking our wildlife and generally wreaking havoc on the world.

Because of this, the paper bag industry has conveniently positioned itself as the solution for decades now. But to really think about it, is paper actually that much better?

Are paper cups safer than plastic?

We all know that plastic is not a sustainable material, but what about paper? Paper cups are less durable and often have a shorter lifespan than plastic. The most common type of paper cup is made from recycled paper which means it’s more likely to be contaminated with toxins.

Disposable paper cups and plastic cups are broadly used for taking hot beverages like coffee and tea, and are not safe for health, experts said. Since disposable cups are made of paper and coated with plastic or wax to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper, health risks are inevitable.

Why are paper cups bad for the environment?

We never know what’s really behind the things that we use, eh? You take your coffee at home without noticing the potential of your “to-go” drinking paper cup to destroy nature.