What can I do with plastic grocery bags?

There are lots of things that we can do to our plastic groceries bags after we use them from our groceries from the supermarket. Because they are non-recyclable, the least we can do to be kinder to the environment is to look for ways to reuse or repurpose our grocery bags. That is, if we cannot completely stop using them at all.

The best thing about plastic grocery bags is its thickness, which also equates to its durability. They are also versatile, since they are purposely made to last long and be able to withstand the wear and tear of heavy grocery items. This makes them perfect for reusing and repurposing.

Practical uses for plastic grocery bags

Because of how they are made, your stiff and durable grocery bags may be reused to:

  • Line kitty litter boxes
  • Line trash bins
  • Line car trunk
  • Line doormats when it’s raining
  • Pack old toys and clothes
  • Form your shoes
  • Pack away your laundry
  • Protect your kitchen shelves and counters
  • Securely pack seasonal home decor, such as Christmas ornaments
  • Cover and protect your books
  • Cover appliances in storage
  • Pack lunches and snacks
  • Replace picnic mats

You’re sure to find a lot of practical uses apart from the ones above. These grocery bags may even survive a lot of uses, so don’t hesitate to reuse it when going to the grocery. Take advantage of its non-recyclability–use it as much as it can endure.

DIY projects where you can use plastic grocery bags

Other than practical uses, there are also a lot of arts and crafts projects we can make out of plastic grocery bags instead of just throwing them straight to trash.

  1. Kids’ accessories. Explore your creativity and turn it into an instant bonding activity with your kids. Plastic grocery bags come in different designs and colors, making them perfect to be made into bracelets and other accessories. Make your own using recycled plastic bags and basic supplies that you have already around your house.
  1. One of a kind lampshade. Creating a conversation piece does not have to break the bank. Use your discarded plastic grocery bags to make a ruffled lampshade. You can do this using black and white plastic bags. Cut them into long strips, then loosely roll them into rosettes to achieve the ruffles. Glue these to the shade, making sure you do not overlap the tip of the candle if you have one.
  1. Plastic yarn, plarn for short.  You can easily make this by cutting plastic grocery bags into long strips then stringing them all together into a single long strand. Once done, you can use it to crochet and create sturdy, reusable tote bags. You can even turn your plarn into purses and phone cases.
  1. Woven plastic basket. Level up that old plastic basket sitting under the sink to something more creative, like a woven plastic basket you can make on your own! As mentioned above, just cut them into strips and weave them together to create a basket. You can then store your fruits, bread, and other items on it.
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Common questions about what we can do with plastic grocery bags

How do you dispose of plastic bags?

Several major supermarkets have heeded the call for them to be drop-off points in collecting used plastic bags. If you have a lot of them, place them in one big plastic bag before taking them in bag collection bins.

Can I put my recyclables in a plastic bag?

No, unless they are of the same plastic type. The only time you can do so is when you are sure that the plastic bag you have is made of recyclable plastic. Recyclable plastics include plastics 1, 2, 4 and 5. If your plastic bags are any of those, you can put your recyclables inside, provided that your recyclables are made of the same material.

What can you do with plastic wraps?

Plastic wraps and films cannot be easily recycled. These materials have to be dropped off to a recycling facility to be processed. It is best to collect them and place them in a separate bin until you are sure that your local community actually recycles them.

We are all accountable to our environment. With the recent crisis on global warming, more sustainable products have surged their popularity and single use plastics have already seen a drastic decline on sales.

It is important to know that plastic pollution is among the biggest causes of global warming. Because there are just too many of them in landfills without the option to be recycled, they reach the oceans and somehow kill marine animals.

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Without proper control, the world will soon find itself drowning in plastic. Our commitment should never falter to make sure this never happens. Our lifestyle should revolve around recycling, reducing, and reusing.

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